Kickboxing Federation of Turkmenistan
Athletes from Turkmenistan won 10 medals at the Asian Open Kickboxing Championship
09 August, 2016

Our compatriots successfully performed in the Asian Open Kickboxing Championship (K-1 course) and won 10 medals, including 6 gold and 4 silver. The strongest kickboxers from several Asian countries took part in the tournament in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. In the group stage, the national team of Turkmenistan became the leader.

Gold medals were awarded to Khudaiguly Komekov (in the weight category up to 54 kg), Nariman Aydogdyev (in the weight category up to 60 kg), Merdan Mamedov (in the weight category up to 67 kg), Berdy Bekmuradov (in the weight category up to 75 kg), Azamat Jumakuliev ( in the weight category up to 86 kg) up to 86 kg. )who deserve it.

In the weight category up to 71 kg, our athletes Gochmyrat Jumaniyazov and Shohrat Yagmyrov took first and second places, respectively.

Silver medals were also won by Gadam Abdyev (up to 63.5 kg), Serdar Mamedov (up to 81 kg) and Shohrat Pirimanov (up to 91 kg). Sports experts noted the high skill of the Turkmen kickboxers. Our compatriots were able to successfully act and defeat their strong rivals. Our athletes for the Asian Championship were trained by the head coach of the national team of Turkmenistan, Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Alexander Snagovsky.

As the President of the National Kickboxing Federation Khalmyrat Izmailov noted, our team won a landslide victory and overcame the task set before itself. The tournament has become a big test for kickboxers ahead of the World Heads Up Championship in the Republic of Korea in early September this year.