Kickboxing Federation of Turkmenistan
Kickboxing Federation of Turkmenistan


Kickboxing Federation of Turkmenistan - TKF
TKF (Federation of Kickboxing of Turkmenistan) was founded in 1992 by the Honored Trainer of Turkmenistan Alexander Nikolaevich Snagovsky. The Kickboxing Federation of Turkmenistan is a member of WAKO. At that time, Alexander Nikolaevich began to train a number of athletes and for the first time in 1993, with Meretmyrat Kakabaevich Garryev (now a coach), they participate in the kickboxing world championship in Budapest, Hungary. In 2014, Izmailov Khalmurat Akmuradovich, a student of Alexander Nikolaevich, was appointed head of the TKF. Izmailov Khalmurat is still the head of the federation.
29 January, 2018
The national kickboxing team of Turkmenistan won 12 medals at the Finnish Open Championship
Since the beginning of the year, our athletes have been successfully performing at prestigious international competitions and winning medals of various levels.
22 February, 2017
Turkmen kickboxers win 11 medals at tournament in Helsinki
In major international competitions, Turkmen kickboxing masters have achieved another great success. This time they distinguished themselves at the competition in Helsinki (Finland) and won 11 medals. Seven of them are gold, one is silver and three are bronze.
09 August, 2016
Athletes from Turkmenistan won 10 medals at the Asian Open Kickboxing Championship
Our compatriots successfully performed in the Asian Open Kickboxing Championship (K-1 course) and won 10 medals, including 6 gold and 4 silver. The strongest kickboxers from several Asian countries took part in the tournament in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. In the group stage, the national team of Turkmenistan became the leader.
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